Young Artist

My daughter has developed into quite the young artist.  She sketches, draws and paints.  She’s currently very fascinated by Manga and has been doing a lot of sketches influenced by that style.  She’s also learned to ignore dad when he’s got a camera in hand!  I managed to shoot several portraits of her as she was sketching away one day, by the winter light of a northwest facing window.  This image was made with the Nikon Df, a remarkable camera that I will have more to say about in the next few days.  The lens used was the classic Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2 lens.  One of my all-time favorite lenses for Nikon F-mount.  Shot wide open at f/1.2, focus was on the eyelashes, with the rest of the image showing the wonderful out-of-focus rendering that the Noct is so well known for.  RAW conversion using Capture NX 2.4.5.

Young Artist-1


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  1. Darwin says:

    Nice shot and love the black and white. That is a very special lens. In fact, I use something similar on my A7R and on my M240 bodies with EVF. The Minolta MC-Rokkor PG 58mm 1.2. Timeless classics in my opinion.

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