Untitled, A Miksang Moment

Every once in a while, an object of every day acquaintance pops into one’s visual awareness in a very moving way – the combination of light and shadow, color and texture suddenly pierces the constant mental chatter in a moment of pure awareness, untainted by labels and critical examination.   This was one such moment, a “Miksang” moment.

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Reluctant Healer

I had the privilege of spending some time today with my friend, Susana, the Reluctant Healer.  She’s a wonderful, caring, warm human being who graces us with her friendship and her love.   I was glad to be able to shoot a series of portraits of her this afternoon, as we engaged in animated conversation.  Shot with the Ricoh GXR + A12 mount (M-mount module) + the Canon 100mm f/2 Leica LTM lens.

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