Construction of this blog

This blog is self-hosted and uses WordPress as the content management engine.   One can download WordPress here.  I experimented with a few themes and ended up going with a theme from the good folks over at Studiopress.   However I ended up modifying the theme significantly from the out-of-the-box design – it was fun to dive into the code and get it all to work in the context of the design I had in mind.  I’m pretty happy with the result so far but it’s far from done, so I’ll continue to work on the blog infrastructure and attempt to add interesting content at the same time.

A note on compressing Javascript – there are many online javascript compressors that allow you to shrink your javascript for faster loading but not all of them do a reliable job.  The best one I’ve found is the one provided by Google (they are taking over the world, aren’t they?).  You can find it here: Google Closure Complier.

All the images here were made by me, except where I explicitly identify work from other photographers.  I’ve had a few questions about the images in the header of the blog – yes, they were all made by me.  If you have any questions about the construction and set-up, I’d be  happy to answer them to the best of my ability.  You can send me an email via this page.


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