Back after a long hiatus…

Life tends to get busy and things fall by the wayside.  Such is the nature of life…

For me, it has been a long break from posting here.  I was traveling a lot for work and then I made a change in my life – I resigned from a great job and jumped into a startup that a friend and I decide to create last April.  Things have been very busy, with little time for photography and none for devoting any attention to this blog.  I used to hang out at the Leica Forum at DPreview with what little time I had, as I had many friends there, and have found the forum to be a great community over the past many years.  Recently, I’ve observed the forum to have devolved into cliques, mindless praise of iffy images (something that I must admit to certainly being guilty of – both posting and commenting) and a tendency on the part of some people to engage in a cult of personality fueled by ego.  I decided then that life was too short to hang out in such a community.  What little time I can reclaim, having made that decision, I plan to spend posting here.

A very Happy New Year, filled with much love, laughter, prosperity and joy to you all in 2014.  And above all else, a year filled with great light!



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