San Diego – Moon Rides High over the Gaslamp Quarter

Nikon Df + 135/2 DC.  RAW conversion in Capture NX2, final tweaks in Photoshop CS6.

San Diego – Welcome to the Gaslamp Quarter

Nikon Df + 135/2 DC.  RAW conversion in Capture NX2, final tweaks in Photoshop CS6.

The New Leica T (Type 701)

Recently, Leica introduced a new camera – the T.  From the images, it appears to be a sleek and sexy camera.  One that appears to borrow from Apple’s oeuvre.   It is a “system” camera – Leica is building a whole new line of lenses for the T system and also offers an adapter to allow M-mount lenses to be used.  A friend asked me what I thought of this camera and if I was interested in one.  I am not.  At all.  No interest whatsoever.

While I applaud Leica for building a very modern camera (God knows they have been beaten up in the past for being an “anachronism” in the photography world) with a touch-screen interface, auto focus, zoom lenses and many other bells and whistles, I’m sure, I find the older I get, the more I am finally beginning to understand the truth behind the oft repeated adage – “It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer”.  While I agree that a camera should inspire one to shoot, to me it matters not a whit if the camera is mirrorless, a honking big DSLR, a medium format TLR, rangefinder, compact, full frame, APSC, yada, yada.  Some tools are better suited to some tasks and will give the photographer an edge in a specific application, no doubt.  But, almost every modern camera available today (and a vast majority of the not-so-modern cameras) far surpass the capability of the average photographer – amateur or “pro”.  It is interesting to see the frenzy of reviews and recommendations, of opinions for and against a new camera on the various internet fora.  Most of them by people who make misinformed statements with the weight of great authority.   The endless handwringing and recommendations on business strategy are most amusing to read as well.  “Leica should have done X”, “Nikon should do Y”.

A new camera is not going to make you a better photographer.  Unless it inspires you to shoot more than your current one.  Period.  Lord knows I should know – I have the gear and the credit-card statements to establish my authority in this one area.

Want to be a better photographer?  Shoot.  A lot.  Think about what you’re shooting.  Look at your work with a critical eye.  Hang out with people who will give you the truth about your images.  Bluntly.  Learn from your mistakes.  Shoot.   Keep shooting.  Simple really. :)

So what does the image below have to do with the Leica Type 701?  Absolutely nothing!   It was made by a camera that is currently inspiring me to shoot.  That’s all!

Nikon Df + 135/2 DC.  RAW conversion in Capture NX2, final tweaks in Photoshop CS6.  San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter.


A wonderful man, John.  Kind, loving, and compassionate.  Full of all sorts of engineering knowledge – especially mechanical engineering and radio engineering.   Always helpful.  Always there. We had a chance to enjoy a very special Armagnac together recently at my home.  Very glad to have him in my life.